school drop off


We are having a few issues with our morning and afternoon traffic pattern.

To ensure the safety of our students and guardians using the crosswalks and being unloaded from the cars, we need you to follow these procedures:

* When dropping off students in the morning- pull in the parking lot and go immediately to the right and around the gym parking lot to the center of the parking spaces. Follow the flow of traffic around to the front of the building where adults are standing to help unload your child. Remain on the right side. Pull up all the way to the last adult standing on the curb next to the Kid's Corral doors. 

Traffic flow will move faster if everyone pulls up as far as they can prior to unloading.

NEVER pass to the left side of a vehicle in the parking lot/drop-off lane. It is too dangerous to the children we are unloading.

If you are a Head Start parent, you need to pull in and drive to the left side of the drop-off lane and park on the opposite side of the curb facing the school. Always use the sidewalk and crosswalks!

No child should be dropped off on the gym parking lot side! 

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