Virtual Learning Snow Days

This is Dr. Mischelle Simcox and I would to start by saying THANK YOU for supporting our students and staff during this school year. We have worked very hard to ensure that all of our students are receiving the best education possible during this COVID Pandemic.

I can’t believe that we have missed 18 snow days.  After today, we will be utilizing virtual learning snow days when it is too bad for our students to attend school due to weather.  K-2nd grade teachers will have packets ready for students to work on for these days.  For grades 3rd – 12th, packets can be requested by parents but we do  believe the majority of your 3rd – 12th grade  students are prepared to utilize the online virtual platform (if there is internet access at home).  Students will not be penalized if they do not have the internet capability to complete the assignment on the virtual snow days, BUT they will be required to make up any missed work that was assigned.

Hopefully we will be able to be in school tomorrow (fingers crossed) and teachers will be going over their expectations with their students for the virtual learning snow days. All of our employees have work expectations on the virtual snow days and they are expected to check their email several times throughout the day.   Also please make sure your students know their teachers email addresses in case they need to contact them for any help or guidance on their school work.  If you have issues contacting a teacher, please reach out to the principal at the school. 

IF there is no school tomorrow, we will be doing a 5 day meal distribution (students will receive meals for tomorrow and the past four days we have been out) for Johnson County children ages 18 and under from 11:00am-1:00pm at Mountain City Elementary School.  Our plan is to utilize Mountain City Elementary as a pick up location on future virtual snow days and details will be shared on those days.    

As with anything new, we will see how the virtual learning snow days go for this school year and see if this is something we might want to continue in the future after we have used our 13 stockpile days. Our goal is to have the last day of school be May 27th and not have to add any instructional days on to the end of the year.

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